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Good Pranks for April Fools Day


  • Buy a bouquet of flowers and offer them to passersby
  • Pay for someone’s toll if they’re behind you on the freeway at a toll booth
  • Offer someone you know a hug if you think they could use it and would be receptive to it
  • Call a grocery store/fast food place, and tell the person who answers that they have a lovely voice and that you hope they have a nice day
  • Offer to pay for your friend’s coffee ‘just because’
  • Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while just to see how they’re doing
  • Go to a shelter/soup kitchen and volunteer for a while
  • Get a bunch of friend’s together and go to a park to play freeze tag. Invite passersby to join you
  • Take a trip to a library and ask if you can read a story to the kids in the kid’s section
  • Go to a book store- straighten up messy books and put away books that are out of place
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write happy, sweet messages for people to see as they go about their day
  • Send someone anonymous love- whether you know them or not, everyone can use some love now and then, and you never know just how big a positive impact your kind words can have.
  • Basically- don’t prank people. Be kind. Be sweet. Be generous. I can guarantee that the momentary ‘HAH’ of a well played out prank isn’t worth even a portion of one random act of kindness